Things are as hectic as usual around here.

Lisa and I (okay, mostly Lisa) are in the middle of a house “remodeling”.  We are doing a bunch of painting and having our floors replaced.  I’m not sure it was a good idea to do in the middle of the school year, but we are on it.  It should be finished before Christmas.

The kids are still keeping busy.

Allison – she continues her swim training and has now added weight training to her program.  She claims that she already feels stronger.  She has a meet this weekend, we shall see how it goes.

Daniel – I can’t even remember everything he is into, but it includes band, quick recall, bowling, basketball and scouts.

David – School, scouts and basketball.  School is about to drive our little one nuts.  He has to do so much work.  Lisa is spending a lot of time with him.

Jim and the kids are enjoying the UofL football games (as much as we can, anyway) and are looking forward to the basketball games this month.

Lisa is also staying very involved with her work with the swim team and her reading program at David’s school.

Jim is now volunteering and working 2 weekends a month at church, plus every Saturday morning.

I think we are nuts!  I know this for sure –  we are ready for the Christmas break!