We are in Albuquerque just trying to relax a little tonight. Before the update, some house keeping.

Apparently, when I update the blog with the app on my phone, it doesn’t properly size pictures. I have fixed all of the previous posts. (ugh)

Vegas kept us pretty busy and from there we went to the Grand Canyon. We did stop by the Hoover Dam on the way. It now costs $10 to park there and $20 per person to go into the visitor center. So, we just walked up top and looked around. I wonder when they won’t allow you to do that anymore…

The Grand Canyon was grand… Allison has already reported on that. We did see wildfire on the way in. It did not impact our trip.

This morning we spent some more time exploring the Grand Canyon before heading to the Petrified Forest and Painted Desert National Parks. It was a nice stop on a full day of driving. Tomorrow I take Daniel to the airport as he heads home tomorrow. The rest of us are headed into the mountains of New Mexico and will be spending the night at a Wolf Sanctuary. We will be far off the beaten path, so cell coverage is highly unlikely and we probably won’t have another update until we get back to some civilization on Thursday. The could surprise me and have wifi, but I doubt it.

Some scenes from the Grand Canyon and then from the Petrified Forest (it should be obvious):



Bonus Picture – Look what we found: