We are in Elk Creek, Oklahoma and on our way home.

I apologize for no update yesterday, but there is a reason.

Yesterday we visited a wolf sanctuary and actually stayed there all night with the wolves. I figured we wouldn’t have service and I was right. We were “literally” in the middle of nowhere. Don’t believe me? Take a look, follow this link.

We had a great time with the wolves. We toured their facility and saw most of the animals and then had an ambassador visit from one of the wolves where we got one on one time with a wolf. We stayed in a cabin that was solar powered (so, no real electricity) and had a evening encounter with two more wolves. We were able to get up close and pet the wolves, while being coached to be very cautious. They are clearly powerful and wild animals.


We also had quiet the experience being “off the grid” – it took some time to adjust, but I think we did well to adjust to no “outside world” connectivity (or electricity). We enjoyed each others company, played games and then late at night we went out and looked at the stars. I’ve never seen stars like that. It was simply amazing, words can’t describe.

We were in the wilderness. I promise. In fact, this rattlesnake greeted us at our cabin.

Today was mostly a driving day. We did stop and see Walter and Skyler White’s house from “Breaking Bad”

We also stopped at the “Cadillac Ranch” in Amarillo, TX for a little graffiti fun…