It’s been another whirlwind “Griswold” vacation.  Round trip we drove approximately 5,000 miles through 9 states–I think that’s correct, hard to keep count–stayed in about 9 hotels and 1 cabin.  Crazy you say, typical vacation for us.  Maybe, someday we will take a beach vacation and stay in one place.??

It was odd not having Daniel with us the whole time but we enjoyed the time we did have with him.  Glad he got to be David Copperfield’s assistant; a special activity since he missed out on so much.

Shout out to the National Park Service for having an interpark pass that allows you to enter as many parks as you want for a year.  DEFINITELY saved us some money by not paying for each park individually.

It amazes me all that God has created!  We saw beautiful mountains, “chocolate milk” rivers, wide canyons and flat farmlands.  Don’t forget his creatures too–lots of ravens, lizards, deer/elk, a couple of rabbits and of course, my favorite WOLVES!  It was really cool to fall asleep to them howling, hearing them in the middle of the night and waking up to them howling in the morning.  However, I could have done without the rattlesnake.

Our quest for 50 is nearly complete.  Jim is down to 1 and me 2.  The kids each need 4, unfortunately they are not the same 4 states so not quite sure how we will work that out.  Thanks for joining us for this year’s vacation and stay tuned for our next adventure.