We arrived inMunich at 8:00am local (2:00am for those of you in the ‘Ville).  Travel was fine, with no delays.

It has been an exhausting day, but fun.


German people seem nice enough.  We talked to a young lady from Munich that spoke very good English.  We haven’t had any problems with anyone (so far).

Local traditions are hard to get used to.  Apparently, there is an unwritten rule that escalators left side is for walking, right side for riding – like the speed walks in our airports.  Well, it is like that here everywhere and, boy, can you sure annoy a native by not following that standard.

The cigarette industry will be fine, they smoke like fiends here.

Munich is part old-world and part cosmopolitan.

The public transportation system works.  Works better than any I’ve ever seen in U.S., including NYC.


We visited the Nymphenburg palace and grounds – huge park, lots of stuff – rich people had money in the 18th century too….

Went to the world’s largest beer garden and had a pretzel and beer.  The beer was excellent, but it is the pretzel I want to rave about.  After (nearly) 50 years of eating pre frozen, over salted ballpark pretzels, I had one that was amazing.  Fresh, light, crisp and HUGE.  Very good.

Saw some old world architecture that I couldn’t possibly explain or provide justice too.  Just amazing to see buildings that big, that old.

Saw the English Garden.  Two notable occurrences there: 1. There was a very rapid running river of water and kids were surfing in it.  For a land locked country, I was surprised to see talented surfers.  2. Apparently, clothing is optional at the English Garden.  And, as you might suspect, those who chose to not wear clothes, need to buy a  mirror….

Had dinner at the famous Hofbrauhaus (a beer hall) where the waitresses wear traditional garb and carry many large glasses of beer all at once.  We had goulash with ox meat and sauerbraten.  We then traveled up to a local university to a local ice cream shop that is supposedly the best in town–must be since the line was out the door.  Well, it was very good, but not knowing any German hurt us on this trip. Maybe someday we’ll figure out what flavor we had.

Busy day tomorrow.  I’ll try to post a few pictures tomorrow.