The fall weather is finally here, but things just keep humming along in our household.

Lisa and I celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary last week.  We didn’t do anything special, but we did talk about possible taking a trip for our 20th.

David celebrated his 10th birthday.  He was pleased with his gifts and we had a nice small celebration with a birthday cake, shaped like a baseball.  Due to some issues with the baking process in a very warm house, the “ball” was kind of sliding apart – so we called it a “slider” – get it, like the baseball picth?  If you don’t, watch a baseball game.

Daniel is busy with his Quick Recall team, Bowling team and Scouts.  He is in the process of picking a new Scout troop.  He will be moving his membership soon, we just don’t know where to.

Allison competed in a swim meet over the weekend and attended her High School’s homecoming dance with her boyfriend.  From what I understand, they had a good time.

Me and the boys spent the weekend camping at Fort Knox for Patriot Games.  A pretty fun camping experience with the soldiers and their toys.  The kids got to climb around on tanks and we saw an Apache helicopter take off and land.  The Apache is a pretty impressive piece of machinery.  When it landed and took off, the air flow it created took out tents – it looked like a tornado hit.  Anyway, we had fun.