This is our first post. We hope to keep this up to date and keep all of you informed of our goings on. To the right you will find links of interest to us. You may be interested in the “Photo Album” link. It is a beginner page that Daniel is creating. Over the next several weeks you will see more pictures, a streamlined approach to viewing the photos and more current pictures.

Eventually, we will add history information and pictures going back as far as we can. For now, it is today and live. Thanks for visiting “thegreenwells” web site. You can leave comments on each of these posts, but you do need to register first.

You register by clicking the “Register” link in the “Meta” section in the bottom right column. You will pick a username of your choosing and enter an email address and a password will be mailed to you. If you have any trouble, email me at or just give me a call.

Let us know how it can be improved and check back weekly or more often for updates.