The week started with the funeral of my Grandma, Jane Greenwell, my Dad’s mom. Dad was able to make it in town and, well, it was a funeral. We are all sad to see her go. If there can be a “good part”, it is that we now have a wonderful gift that Grandma left us. Her memoirs entitled “Sunshine, Shadows and Memories”. It is a fascinating read.  Dad and I are going to ensure it gets copied and published so that the entire family will have a copy.

Daniel’s big news was his 13th birthday on Tuesday. Daniel’s birthday was the day of Grandma’s funeral. We joked with him that he had “funeral cake” for his birthday. What a way to remember your 13th birthday. Anyway, Daniel had a birthday party on Friday night and had 6 of his friends over. They ate pizza, cake and candy and drank sodas while watching movies until the very early morning hours. I don’t think the last of them conked out until about 5:00am. They were as well behaved as you can expect from 7 middle school kids. Daniel has good friends. (Check out the pictures below – click on the picture to enlarge it)

Daniel Birthday Cake Daniel Birthday Dinner Daniel Birthday Basketball

The rest of the week was a relatively typical week for us.

David had a banner week on the baseball field. His team went 2 – 1 and he was 6 of 9 at the plate in those 3 games, including a 5 for 5 night. He is primarily playing 3rd base now with some innings in left field. On Friday night he had a huge put out at 3rd in the bottom of the extra inning to stop a rally by the home team.

David also graduated from a Bear Scout to a Webelo Scout.

Allison spent the weekend in Lexington at a swim meet. This was her first meet after rehabilitation on her shoulder. Lisa spent the weekend in Lexington with her. Despite taking nearly 6 weeks off, Allison earned state qualifying times in both the 100 and 200 meter back strokes. So, she will be competing in the state finals in late July.  The best news was there was no shoulder pain at the end of the meet.

As you can see, Lisa and I don’t do much other than shuttle kids form one place to another. However, Lisa did make a very cool “pizza themed” cake for Daniel’s birthday. Check it out. I took David and Daniel to Indianapolis on Saturday to borrow some camping equipment from Uncle Joe. David had a good time playing with Isobel.

Another big week planned and it is the last week of school.

May God shine his face upon you and be with you this week…